About Mid Florida

Who We Are

About Mid Florida

With multiple locations throughout Central, West, and South Florida, Mid Florida Ortho has served the residents of its various neighboring communities for nearly 5 years. Mid Florida is owned and operated by highly notable surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Kugler, MD who opened the practice with the intent of providing patients with the tools and drive to maintain optimal wellness and restore active lifestyle. It is through our devotion to patient care that we have designed our modern model of orthopedic care. We pride ourselves on a facility you can rely on and trust.

An Innovative Orthopedic Care Model

Our comprehensive approach to care includes aiming most of your orthopedic needs from wellness and prevention to acute injuries and minor emergencies management. Mid Florida Ortho is a family practice treating adolescents and adults. We provide same day appointments for acute, minor injuries. Mid Florida offers thorough orthopedic wellness and prevention services. We incorporate traditional and complementary treatment options. Mid Florida also provides laboratory and diagnostic services in house.

Your Patient Focused Orthopedic Center

Mid Florida has redesigned its patient-focused model on emphasis to superior quality of care. We have centered our energy on improving patient care and encouraging a more communicative provider-patient relationship. Our patients are regarded as members of our family and we want to ensure patients and providers collaborate together in establishing care plans. Mid Florida’s dedicated approach to orthopedic care and treatment includes awareness to our patients' distinct needs which incorporates their cultural values and religious preferences.